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At PlastiCal, we are dedicated to producing high-quality plastics at competitive price points.  Here in our state-of-the-art Sylacauga compounding plant, we are committed to producing calcium carbonate concentrates/masterbatches that are both functional and cost-effective. 

Many manufacturers of blown film, blow molding, sheet extrusion and extrusion coating have realized the benefits of using calcium carbonate concentrates to offset the cost of resin and to improve efficiency as well as physical properties of their production.

Listed below are some applications and product recommendations.  Please use the contact tab to reach us for more information.

Blown Film Products

Blown films are used to produce t-shirt bags, shopping bags, and trash can liners all of which can benefit greatly from the use of PlastiCal concentrates.  

Blown film products include: 

  • PC81
  • PC81S
  • PC83


Blow Molding

PlastiCal Blow Molded products yield improvements in ESCR, add stiffness and improve cycle times.

PlastiCal Products: 

  • PC81